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    14th to 15th September 2019
Unknown district

The Battle of the X point is a traditional two-day paintball game of Zálesák union, union groups and all other paintball teams. The game goes on continually for 24 hours on very extensive area in natural conditions. It is a fictional battle in a military style. From other similar paintball games it distinguishes by absence of restrictions on weaponry and equipment, while still requiring maximal player's commitment and it is not a recreational woodsball game. Logistics of individual teams plays an important role and compared to scenario games there are virtually unlimited ways to win this game. Each player has only two lives throughout the game. High-quality planning and decisive team leaders are thus needed for winning.

paintball fight

Players fight for the X point. This can be a real hill top or another well-defendable place. Several insurgent offense troops have their bases located at different locations throughout the fighting area. The groups of attackers do not know position of each other, are not identifiable in any way and know only location of the X point itself. Each offense troop is weaker than the defense troop. However, together they are stronger than defense and thus it is tactical to merge together as quickly as possible. The defense strives to prevent this by striking them when they are weak and uncoordinated.

Individual teams cannot be initially reliably identified. The game is exceptional because of its tactical possibilities the teams can choose base on their equipment or capabilities. The game is played on large unrestricted gaming area (>15 km2), teams can use fighting or armored vehicles, heavy or special paintball weapons as well as night operations, tricks and deception. Due to extensive area a units mechanization is advised.

The game's unparalleled characteristic is that every year it is put up in another locality of the Czech Republic, out of the official paintball premisses. The gaming area is always approved by local authorities and the respective landowners.

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