The event takes place
    14th to 15th September 2019
Unknown district

The organizer can provide a complete set of paintball equipment containing semiauto paintball gun with CO2 or compressed air, a hopper and googles for those without their own equipment.

Price for this set is CZK 300.00. The equipment is supplied by a certified paintball rental company.

paintball equipment

You have to register in timely manner and mention the required equipment in the registration form. In case of any difference between the number of booked and received equipment you will be charged for the actually taken pieces only. Guns will be handed over in starting positions.

The organizer provides an ammunition according the requests made on the registration form for a price of CZK 0.60 per paintball. These paintballs will be suitable for HP guns and colder weather, although they should still crack reliably.

Registered members of Zálesák union receive enclosed bag of 500 paintballs for every three members of Zálesák in the team.

Players with borrowed equipment can re-supply CO2 or HPA in the dead zone. You can find service center for borrowed guns in the dead zone as well.

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