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    14th to 15th September 2019
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17th to 18th of September 2016 - Peak Kamenná in Vizovice highlands

The X point for the year 2016 was a peak "Kamenná" in Vizovice Highlands. It was one well defendable hilltop, even without building any fortification. From one direction the hilltop was accessible via gently declining ground; from the other directions a steep hill with grown up forest marked the way up. The hilltop was half-moon shaped and marked with trenches; most likely a remnants of opencast mining.

Coordinates: N 49°13‘79,4“, E 17°70‘53,5“

Map of the gaming area in the vicinity of the X point is here.

Game rules for this annual are available here.

34 players from three Zálesák groups and four paintball teams participated on the game.

Split of the teams    O:
Zaječice centre (3) + Žabí Crew (5) + Warhammers (4) + Poslední Legion (3)
Brno 2 centre (12)
Didn't arrive
Delta - team (5)

Victory side of the 39th annual are defense units.

Referees: Peří ( a Karel (Zaječice centre)

Photos and players feedback:

[Defense: joint task force of 3 paintball teams] For our team (Poslední legion) this was for the first time we attended this game. Even during study of the concept of this game it looked very promising and we enjoyed the game in in reality as well.

Our unit, that was tasked to defend the X point, was consisting of squads from Poslední legion, Žabí crew and Warhammers. I got the command, although with such experienced warriors is any command more of a formal matter; all teammates know what to do.

We decided not to build any fortification and utilize relatively favorable natural terrain. There was only one direction useful for attack and truly all efforts were coming from there. It was long creek with only very gentle slope and thick trees. Rather then building a fortification we decided to scout the area instead. Our reconnoissance run non-stop whole game.

The first attack started around 15:00. Enemy in dangerously high numbers rotated around the X point, seeking an advantageous position. We tried to snipe them from distance without any effect. As a leader I was quite nervous, as we had plenty of people outside on patrols. Luckily the preparations took the enemy long enough enabling us to consolidate our forces.

Seeing that enemy is hesitating, we decided to initiate the skirmish. They returned the fire, spread to the sides and engaged. We were tactically retreating to our perimeter. Our ammo consumption was raising. The fight was happening on long distance; accurate shots were almost impossible. The situation started to look critical as the enemy reached the boundaries of our perimeter, mainly in the middle part. Our right wing was very desperate at that time, the left wing didn't feel much better. Luckily for us patrolling Warhammers emerged from the right side and effectively halted the enemy advance. Yet our left side was at time defended only by corporal Dejf. I ran over the trenches to assist him and our concert began. I pinned the enemy to ground from the top while Dejf was picking from the side one enemy after another. Once he killed someone he retreated a bit and after a while he repeated the process. The ammo was very low at that time; I had only few balls left in my magazine. Yet we forced the attacker to retreat in time. Our defense finished this fight without any loses.

Despite we knew the enemy will engage again in the morning, we commenced long distance all-night patrolling nevertheless. Unfortunately we didn't find anybody.

6:28, quiet exclamation "contact"! Half of us is sleeping, but we are ready with weapons and equipment within the hand reach. In the early morning mist and darkness we spotted the crawling, blood-thirsty enemy. A close combat begins. Corporal George is successfully shooting from his sleeping bag, corporal Dejf is in turn getting hit in the sleeping bag. The strike is repulsed, two fallen soldiers are on our side. The fight is over after 7:00AM. We endured, but it was not an easy victory.

Thanks for the match, it was enjoyable.

Greetings to my boys from Poslední legion, befriended Žabí Crew, Warhammers and Martin. Special greeting to the youngest of Warhammers!

[Barnes - Poslední Legion]

[U3: Brno 2] This year we have achieved complete mechanization again, for the price of slight plan's delay; and plenty of saved klicks.

As we were a numerous unit, we decided to recon the X point in full force. The last motorized stage of our approach we squeezed ourselves in 12 people in Ford Galaxy. Corporal Fidla managed to hit his balls by unintended shot in that human clot. Luckily the paintball broke on the deck of the van, quickly being diluted by his tears.

On the way up from valley to the hilltop we managed to establish radio communication with another attacking team (Delta-team). We joined up and resumed our approach. After making a contact we decided not to engage into the steep hill, rather then to walk around the X point right beyond the effective range of their weapons.

Upon achieving flatter terrain, our advance has started. The enemy doesn't appear being numerous. Unfortunately the coordination took us very long and enemy racon teams manage to return in time. They engaged us from the side, Delta-team from the back. Our sides were suffering most and all skirmish went terribly wrong for us. Our loses were 10:2!

X point terrain proved to be very easily defendable. Player were horizontally hidden in "trenches" yet still above our level, while we had only several thicker trees on our side that were over about 60 meter from the X point. The last 60 meter were "protected" only by narrow trees that were unable to provide a reliable cover. As our headcount compared to number of defending players was practically 1:1, chances of success in frontal assault were negligible.

Shot to pieces we retreated and regrouped once our dead players were respawn. The next assault was scheduled to 6:00 in the morning. This time we wanted to engage the enemy from other direction, not frontally towards the complete line of defense.

As it happens, confused by surrounding darkness we strike from exactly the same direction as on the previous afternoon. Defenders were ready for our push so the results were very much the same as the day before. Having only 6 man alive while defenders had 23 (both lives counted), we decided to surrender and quit the battle prematurely.

[Šedák - Brno 2]

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