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    14th to 15th September 2019
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17th - 18th September 2011 - summit 693,0 - Studnice u Hlinska

X point was a rocky summit 693,0 in the grown forest with a rough terrain and number of forest nurseries and thickets.

Location: N 49°44'20.57" E 15°53'29.75"

Game area map can be downloaded here.

Game rules for this year annual are here.

There were 55 players participating the game from 5 Zálesák centers and two paintball teams. It is to be noted that some paintball teams went into game together with one Zálesák centre as single group.
Distribution of the teams    O:
Táborníci Chrudim + Ještěři (18)
1. Středisko Zálesáka - Č. Budějovice (5) + Zlín 1 Mladcová (1)
Zaječice (15)
326. Středisko Zálesáka - Brno + Delta Team (16)

Winner of 34th annual are units of the offense.

Photos and response from the players:

X point placement was very well chosen and defense made what they could to fortify themselves. Due to this year’s new rules such fortification could not compete with what was available the past seasons, but the X point position itself served as a capable defensive position. The defense failed in keeping the X point under their control, but in the evening’s counterattack they took it back, suffering heavy loses during this battle. On the second day they realized they have only 3 mans left compared to about 20 mans from offense and they unconditionally surrendered. The sigle best possitive thing is almost perfect fair-play and referees labour - they haven’t missed a single important action. I wish the course of this game will continue the same way. [Gucky - Delta Team]

Outstanding game. Only defenders may surrender in the night in their condition and to not wait till 8:00am [Zdenda - 1. středisko Zálesáka České Budějovice]

Shortly written: Well-chosen place, team’s strenght, presence of referees and field hospital for the wounded in the near pub. Game advantage are minimal rules that enable the player to focus on the game rather than the things around that. [djz. 88 aka Zdenek Key - Viking Team]

Hi. In the first place I would like to thank for being a part of this game. There were no complications during the game, I appreciate a good number of referees overlooing all important actions and a dead camp in the pub :) I have only positive feelings about this game. Just next time the defense could have more time to fortify the X point. I would like to thank the organizers, opponents a co-players for very well spent weekend. I’m looking forward for the next Fight for the X point [Jakub - Kohouti]

On this annual the high presence of referees was very possitive. The place selection for X point was well made as well, although this rocky peak showed itself as medocre pretectable place only without proper defense build. Defense unit took an opportunity of this and they conquered X point back in the evening hours, although they were practically eliminamed in this battle. I would like to see this game in an area where it has not been for a long time or at all. Next a larger amount of players and a bigger distance among team's bases, which would courage to use a fighting vehicles more often as well as different strategies. A gaming area divided by broader water stream or river is my dream. Last message to this year's attack units - a dedicated leader and cooperative team members is the key. I started to get mad from all of that inactivity and hesitancy, where several units were clearly missing a leader. [Sedak - Brno 326]

Complete photo gallery can be downloaded here [43 MB].

Referees: Karel and second Karel (Zaječice), Sendy a Pavel (Chrudim), Peťa, Jenda a Cuir (Brno 326)

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