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    14th to 15th September 2019
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15th - 16th September 2012 - “Tůmuv vrch” - castle ruin

This year, X point was a torso of old castle ruin on the hill call “Tůmův vrh” (hill 624). It is forested hill near Česká Olešná village in Southern Bohemia.

Coordinates: N 49°11'51.954" E 15°10'40.220"

Map of the gaming area can be displayed here.

You can also get his year’s game rules here.

55 players from four Zálesák groups and two external paintball teams participated on the game.

Split of the teams    O :
U1 :
U2 :
U3 :
Zaječice centre (18) + 326th Zálesák centre Brno (1)
1st Zálesák centre in České Budějovice (13)
Zálesák centre Táborníci Chrudim + Ještěři (12)
326th Zálesák centre Brno + Delta Team (11)

Victory side of the 35th annual are the attacking units. X point fall at half past 9am on Sunday 2012. No survivals were found.

Photos and players feedback:

After long time we participated on this annual just like Delta-Team and 11 team members gave us a good change to perform different combat and reconnaissance tasks. On 10am Saturday we were on place and ready.
This year, X point was a debris of small castle where only part of the tower was standing. Defense managed to build several gunnary position, among them one well-protected open topped bunker with small gunports and enforcement in the elevated basement in the partially standing tower, making the weapons reach farther from that point. This place could be well defended and a I consider the choose of this place as perfect thing.
Also the forces split close to 3 to 2 in the benefit of attackers was ideal, as well as gathering place for eliminated players located about 250 meters from X point. Dedicated defence resisted whole first day with considerable loses. The game was decided by quick and strong morning attack, which was not as quick as planned, but at least remained strong and after capturing the main defence point in the base of the tower, the game was practically decided. As one of the team leaders I appreciate doggedness of the defence, when few 55+ year old guys were able to hold agains overwhelming enemy superiority much better then most young players. I would like to also thak to other attacking team and their leaders for useful cooperation.
Thanks for the organisers for perfect gaming location and smooth game progress.

[Gucky - Delta Team]

Complet photogallery in full quality here [209 MB].

Arbiters: Karel (Zaječice), Peťa, Šedák, Nešpi a Jenda (Brno 326)

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autor [author]: Jenda Šafránek
překlad [translation]: Šedák
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