The event takes place
    14th to 15th September 2019
Unknown district

Year 2018

5zh September - Region of this year for the game is confirmed as Pelhřimov district!

28th April - updated game rules have been uploaded.

28th April - the date when the game happens has already been confirmed!

28th April - game rules are slightly changed in paragraphs IIc and IIIc where obstacles and their shoot through by super-calibre ammunition are defined. In short, can be said, that super-calibre ammunition is able to shot through obstacles which are not natural but are built by yourself. Gamers hidden behind such obstacle which is hitten by super-calibre ammunition are eliminated.

Year 2017

1st March - updated game rules have been uploaded.

1st March - the date when the game happens has already been confirmed!

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Year 2016

31th August - this year's annual takes pleace in Zlín region. It is very nice and challenging location. Registration has been activated.

20th August - we are still negotiating the area for this year's annual. Registration will be online by the end of this month.

21th March - we'd like to kindly ask players to use blue paint for heavy weapons and grenades, and all other colors for standard paintballs. Identificaton of hits from different class of weapons will be easier.

20th March - updated game rules have been uploaded. Please kindly check the changes below.

20th March - silent players elimination is for this annual not allowed by barrel tag, only by rubber knife or by tearing off a life ribbon each playear has to wear on left arm

20th March - in chapter IV is a new rule that before you enter the dead camp, the lock on your weapons have to be engaged and electronic weapons must be turned off

20th March - in chapter III the new rule is that eliminated playear shall not communicate by any means with anyone in the combat zone nor in the dead camp until the player resumes the game

12th February - the date when the game happens has already been confirmed!

Year 2015

30th September - AARs from different teams as well as 2015 photogallery is available in the Archive section.

25th August - the event takes place in Pardubice region this year!

19th February - the game rules for 2015 have been approved! What kind of changes can you expect?

    - number of groups of attackers is unknown
    - rules for building a fortifications have been loosened
    - newly specified ways to eliminate different mobile fighting assets and bunkers
    - special weapons/vehicles must be approved by referees, who specify their combat effectiveness
    - an entry fee for participants outside of the Zálesák union is 100 CZK per person

4th January - the date of the event was moved one week forward. It will happen in the weekend of 19th September!

4th January - the region of the Czech Republic hosting this year’s game will be known till the end of the spring. The date is known nowadays.

3rd January - “links” section has been added; it contains contacts to befriended and participating paintball teams and contributory organizations. Handy "news" section was added as well.

1st January - website was visually refreshed and optimized for retina displays

25th December - 2014 annual archive was supplemented by After Action Report from defender's point of view.

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