The event takes place
    14th to 15th September 2019
Unknown district
paintball vehicle
  • registration for the Battle of the X point game is possible only via the registration form below
  • registration is valid from July 1st to September 11th at midnight
  • adjustment of team details is possible by using a team ID field on the bottom of this page, at the latest on September 13th
  • during the last week preceding the game a team leader has to confirm team’s participation; a notification will be sent afterwards
  • you can confirm team's participation by entering a team ID into the confirmation form below and completing a simple captcha
  • information about the starting location will be passed to the team leader during the evening hours on last Thursday from 0900 to 1200 CEST
  • team’s enlistment (defense or attack) and location of its base will be received on the starting position between 0900 to 1100
  • furthermore, a check for number of players, entry fee payment, issue of ID cards and fighting vehicle stickers happens there as well

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